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Vienna Test System 維也納測驗系統

  • VTS
  • 輔助裝置-視覺反應器

維  也  納  測  驗  系  統

維也納心理測驗系統 (VTS) 是全球知名的頂尖電腦化心理測驗工具。提供高度的客觀性與精確性,深入傳統筆試無法衡量的層面,還能快速準確地為測驗結果計分。我們提供各式各樣的測驗,涵蓋所有的心理診斷與測驗領域。除了一般測驗還有Attention, memory and executive functionsPsychomotricityprecise time measurement 無論您的興趣是臨床心理學、運動心理學、航空心理學、人事管理心理學、神經心理學、或交通心理學,只須從 160 種以上的選項中選取符合需求的測驗即可。


2D - Visualization

2HAND - Two-Hand Coordination

3D - Spatial orientation

5POINT - 5-Point Test
– Langensteinbach Version

A3DW - Assessment of spatial ability: Adaptive 3-Dimensional Block Test

AGDIA - Aggression Assessment Method

AHA - Attitude towards Work

AIST-3 - Allgemeiner Interessen-Struktur-Test
– 3

ALS - Work Performance Series

AMT - Adaptive Matrices Test

APM - Raven
’s Advanced Progressive Matrices

ATAVT - Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Perception Test

ATV - Identification of Alcohol Risk

AVEM - Work-related Behavior and Experience Patterns

AVIS - Aggressive driving behavior

AWLT - Auditory Word List Learning Test

B19 - Double Labyrinth Test

B5PO - Big Five Plus One Personality Inventory

B5PS - Big Five Inventory of Personality in Occupational Situations

 - INT - Test combination: Work-related personality and cognitive ability

 - Big Five Plus One Personality Inventory

BACO - Resilience Assessment

BAI - Beck Anxiety Inventory

BDI2 - Beck Depression Inventory Revision

BFSI - Big Five Structure Inventory

BMT - Basic Matrices Test

COG - Cognitrone

COMPRO - Complex problem-solving test

CORSI - Corsi Block-Tapping Test

CPM - Raven
‘s Colored Progressive Matrices

DAKT - Differential Attention Test

DAUF - Sustained attention

DSI - Differential Stress Inventory

DT - Determination Test

DTKI - Determination Test for Children

EBF - Recovery-Stress Questionnaire

EBFSPO - Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for Athletes

ELST - English Language Skills Test

EPP6 - Eysenck Personality Profiler V6

EQ - Empathy Quotient

FBS - Suicide Risk Evaluation Questionnaire

FFT - Questionnaire Concerning Functional Drinking

FGT - Figural Memory Test

FLEI - Mental Ability Questionnaire

FLIM - Flicker/Fusion Frequency

FNA - Face Name Association Test

FRF - Questionnaire for Risk Readiness Factors

FSV - Questionnaire on Reaction to Pain

FVW - Continuous Visual Recognition Task

GET - Groninger Effort Test

HCTA - Halpern Critical Thinking Assessment

IBF - Basic Intelligence Functions

INHIB - Response Inhibition

INSBAT - Intelligence Structure Battery

INSSVR - Intelligence Structure Battery - Short Form R

IPS - Inventory for Personality Assessment in Situations

ISR - ICD-10-Symptom-Rating

IVPE-R - Inventory of Driving-related Personality Traits
– Revision

KEKS - Conformity and Emotion Control Scale

KOEPS - Questionnaire for physical, mental and social symptoms

LAMBDA-2 - Learning test LAMBDA-2

LAT - Line Orientation Test

LEVE - Reading Comprehension Test

LEWITE - Lexical Knowledge Test

LVT - Visual Pursuit Test

MAP - Management Potential Analysis

MDT - Movement Detection Test

MIP - Mathematics in Practice

MLS - Motor Performance Series

MMG - Multi-Motive Grid

MOI - Multi-Method Objective Interests Battery

MOUSE - Mouse Ability Test

MTA - Mechanical/Technical Comprehension

NBN - N-Back Non-Verbal

NBV - N-Back Verbal

NVLT - Non-Verbal Learning Test

OLMT - Objective Achievement Motivation Test

PAD - Plan-a-Day Test

PERSEV - Perseveration Test

PP-R - Peripheral Perception - R

RISIKO - Risk Choice

RT - Reaction Test

SASSR - Social Adjustment Scale
– Self-report, German translation with modified scale scores

SBUSB - Scales for the Assessment of Subjective Occupational Stress and Dissatisfaction

SIGNAL - Signal Detection

SIMKAP - Simultaneous Capacity/Multi-Tasking

SKASUK - Customer Service and Orientation Scales

SMART - Work-related Test of Cognitive Competence

SMK - Sensomotor Coordination

SMT - Proverbs and Metaphors Test

SPM - Raven
’s Standard Progressive Matrices

SPMPLS - Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices Plus

STROOP - Stroop Interference Test

SWITCH - Task switching

TMT-L - Trail-Making Test
– Langensteinbach Version

TOL-F - Tower of London
– Freiburg version

TOM - Theory of Mind Test

VERGED - Verbal Memory Test

VIGIL - Vigilance

VIP - Driving-specific Item Pool

VISCO - Visuoconstruction test

VISGED - Visual Memory Test

VLT - Verbal Learning Test

VPT3 - Reliability-related Personality Test
– Version 3

WAF - Perception and attention functions battery

WG - Perceptual Speed Test

WIWO - Vienna Word Fluency Test

WOBT - Vienna Object Naming Test

WRBTV - Vienna Risk-Taking Test Traffic

WRST - Vienna Spelling Test

WSP-2 - Vienna Personality Inventory for Students

ZBA - Time/Movement Anticipation